In Dark Solitude is a musical solo project created by artist J. Lardino

Also known by his nicknames 'Cole' and 'Dino'; he has built up a very humble underground following by doing something different for the esoteric subculture by delivering obscure innovative and haunting sounds.  After leaving a semi successful band, and deciding to go solo; the name IN DARK SOLITUDE was born.  Along with it, birth was given to a  new style of music that focused on the 'darker' side of art by combining all of his influential elements and unusual compositions.

IdS is a one man band.  J. Lardino writes/composes/produces/records/mix/masters his own albums as well as writing his own lyrics and performs all vocals. He performs all of the instruments in every album and layers his own vocals to sound like a full band.   In Dark Solitude is a self funded grass roots effort to bring obscure alternative music to people looking for something different.

As you listen to his albums; you will hear a distinct cross reference of every musical influence he loves.  
In Dark Solitude has self released vocal as well as instrumental albums.  J. Lardino also does voice over work and has done sound designs/soundscaping and written original music for haunted attractions and jingles for commercials.  His day jobs have ranged from being an exterminator…to being in retail…to being a tattoo artist….to being a cop, to falling backwards into the depressing corporate world; but his passion for music and doing what he loves on the side has fueled his passion to keep creating new music which is his TRUE passion in life.

His music has had placement on T.V. and indy films as well as horror projects and 'haunts' around the world.

He is currently writing/recording new vocal and instrumental albums.  He also currently is writing jingles and custom music for clients.  His voice overs include video games as well as cartoons.

The music is unique...different...spooky and sometimes just downright weird!  To get a grasp of the full realm of IdS music; you must listen to a full cross section of his albums.  Vocal or instrumental, there has never been another band or artist EVER like In Dark Solitude.

From haunting and dark instrumental albums filled with symphonic orchestrations filled with odd sound effects to classical arrangements with a modernized style of production….to moody bass thumping  vocal and dance music; IdS has something for everyone who enjoys obscure music.

Thank you for stopping by and feel free to browse all of the pages and follow the links to hear music like nothing you have never heard before!

Tap into your dark side and let the music of IdS grab and move you!


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